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Now looking for bailouts, as if as easy as turning a hand, even looking for alternatives/diversification of investments. In fact, the financial technology platform (financial technology/fintech) is like an ant in the middle of sugar crushing. Because competing to take the sugar, not a few platforms that do not heed the regulations that have been determined by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The victims are lenders or borrowers. In fact, not a few who get treatment outside the normal limits when billing.

In order to keep fulfilling the bailout funds to cover the shortfall, or the investment that was profitable not stumped, then just go to Acceleration!


Why So Many “Victims” of Online Loans? 

online loans

Online loans that are illegal and have become viral until there are victims are very clear difference with the business model that Lite Lending is undergoing. First, online loans that were viral, were generally consumptive and usually these loans caused more victims. The reason is because of consumer loans for secondary needs. Meanwhile, the Acceleration is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending fintech that distributes productive loans. This means that the loan is used to produce more than what the borrower already has or to develop his business. Second, in terms of nominal, online loans range from $1 million – $10 million. If the average loan acceleration is $ 500 million – $ 600 million. Why is it bigger? Because Lite Lending provides loans for businesses. Third, interest is directly proportional to the level of risk. Consumptive online loans, the risk is higher because if the borrower does not have a fixed income or a plan on how to repay the loan, then it is very possible the higher failure rate. While productive online loans or business loans, when you want to borrow already know what will be used? and how to develop its business ?. Also, be aware that productive loans do not mean there are no risks at all, but the risks can be measured.


So There Are No Victims, How To Accelerate Billing?

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Acceleration has Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regarding everything, one of which is about billing. Lite Lending has a collection that is expert in the field of collection. So if there is a delay of H + 1 to H + 90, the accelerator will carry out mediation and discussion, why is the problem? Why the delay? Was it intentional? Or is there a disruption in business ?. The next stage asks for commitment from the borrower, when and what kind of solution ?. Then, the Acceleration will monitor regularly with the borrower. If 90 days have not been paid, the next step is to appoint a lawyer to take the next step. The unique portfolio in Lite Lending is more than 90% backed by invoice financing. This is what distinguishes Acceleration from similar companies.


What Principles Have Been Done Regarding Consumer Protection?

money loans

Transparent. Why? Because we operate on both sides, the borrower and the lender. The accelerator must transparently explain at the beginning, such as explaining the costs that will arise when the borrower wants to borrow. Then explain what must be completed and finally if there is a delay in paying, what risks will be faced.

Lite Lending also explained transparently to the lender since he first wanted to invest. As it explains what costs will be deducted, in the event of late payment from the borrower, the Accelerator regularly provides the lender with up-to-date information. then submit information regarding payment issues and the borrower’s next steps.

Because Lite Lending already has ISO 27001, the data borrowers and lenders at Lite Lending are certain that the data is safe and not easily accessed by unauthorized persons, so that data abuse is certain to not occur.

Credit in hopeless cases – secure solutions /credit-in-hopeless-cases-secure-solutions/ Tue, 03 Sep 2019 05:34:38 +0000

Taking a loan in hopeless cases is a task that is difficult to face. Because the banks are very critical in the selection of their borrowers. More exposition at

Therefore, it may well be that the desired credit in the worst case in the end turns out quite different than was thought in advance.

When is talked about a losing case?

When is talked about a losing case?

As a rule, potential borrowers rate their borrowing requirements much less critically than lenders. They are of the opinion that despite negative schufa, lack of work or a big mountain debt quite a loan can be taken.

Somehow this works with the repayment – if necessary, in many very small installments. Because the credit is urgently needed. Banks, on the other hand, are more rational about making a credit decision. They assess the default risk when lending and then decide whether or not it is a credit in a losing case.

If so, they will not agree to lending. No matter how urgently the borrower needs the money too. If you see a chance for a loan, they will communicate accordingly and give suggestions for the reduction of the default risk.

When is a loan not possible?

When is a loan not possible?

As a hopeless case, one is not classified on a whim. If the banks do this, then they want to protect not only themselves, but also the borrower. Because they deny the lending, they ensure that the prospect does not accumulate more debt, for example, than he already calls his own.

But first and foremost, it’s all about protecting the bank itself. A loan in hopeless cases is therefore not awarded if the person concerned wants to take the loan despite all the difficulties alone. Likewise not if he has very high debts that he does not control.

Insolvency or affidavit signed. And if there is no income that would even allow a partial repayment of the loan.

When is there a chance of a loan?

When is there a chance of a loan?

But there are also situations in which a loan in hopeless cases would be conceivable. Even though this may not seem like it at first glance. For example, if you name a co-applicant who is solvent and has excellent prerequisites for borrowing, the mood at the bank can also tip and a loan becomes possible.

However, it is important that a serious co-applicant is found who is aware of his task. In addition, the loan should only be taken if it really brings benefits and significantly improves the situation of the actual borrower. Anything else would be unfair to the co-applicant.

If the actual borrower can not service the loan, all costs will be left to the helper. With a bit of bad luck he ends up in debt and has to answer for things he did not actually cause.

Credit in hopeless cases – tip

Credit in hopeless cases - tip

Especially on the Internet can be found again and again offers that promise a loan in hopeless cases. Most are dubious credit intermediaries who offer their services and pay for it properly. But common sense alone should signal that there is certainly no credit in this way.

Therefore, such offers should be strictly ignored. The best way to borrow is always the straightforward way. So directly through a bank. If this does not give credit, then you should accept this and work on your own situation.

Then maybe someday a normal borrowing is possible again.

Credit without question to employer – is not a problem /credit-without-question-to-employer-is-not-a-problem/ Sun, 25 Aug 2019 05:08:33 +0000

A loan without question to employers is the rule when borrowing. Because no employer has the right to know the private economic conditions of his employee.

Nevertheless, there may be situations in which a consultation is necessary. When such situations can arise and how you can get a loan without question to employer, you can find out here.

Why without an employer?

Our life is shaped by work. Only then can we earn the money that gives us a good life. Those who do not work either inherited well or live off the state. The former are to be envied – the latter have to turn every penny twice. The employer is thus a central element in our lives.

Even if you may have a good relationship with your employer, you probably will not like it if the bank asks you about your financial circumstances. No topic is as explosive as the finances. Nobody likes to look at the cards in this regard.

Especially if the situation is a bit tense and therefore a loan must be taken. A loan without question to employers is therefore a wish that every consumer takes for granted.

When can there be questions?

When can there be questions?

Even if a loan has been selected without questioning to employers, it can sometimes happen that questions are needed. Among other things, if the submitted proof of income is inconclusive or if you as a borrower do not meet your monthly installments.

If that were the case, the lender could seize it and contact your employer. Otherwise, it is unlikely that a query to the employer will be started. You therefore have it in your own hands whether your credit really remains such a loan without asking employers.

Credit without question to employer – the admission

Credit without question to employer - the admission

The loan offer is very large in our country. Without comparison, it is therefore hardly possible to survey this offer and to use it accordingly. Many offers are similar, so only a close look reveals what’s really behind it. Before accepting a loan without asking the employer, you should therefore use our comparison calculator and search for suitable loan offers.

Enter the desired loan amount, the term and the purpose. The loan calculator will then show you all suitable offers. Pay attention to the detail. They show you which requirements you have to fulfill for borrowing.

Which loan fits best?

Which loan fits best?

There are loans for every purpose. If you have no fixed use for the money on the loan or want to pay several things with it, then you simply opt for a free use. If, on the other hand, you would like to finance a property or a vehicle, then it is worth using a corresponding earmarked loan.

This brings special conditions with it, which are above all in the field of hedging. Ultimately, however, you have to decide which loan offer suits you best. Always look at the effective interest rate and experiment a bit with the amount of monthly installments. These must fit your life, so that the credit in the end does not become a burden.


91000 USD credit – now even cheaper – from 917 USD a month. /91000-usd-credit-now-even-cheaper-from-917-usd-a-month/ Sat, 17 Aug 2019 05:54:31 +0000

With large loan sums like a 91000 USD credit, the preparations are very important. Nothing should be done wrong. for a critique

Otherwise, the costs will be so high that the customer can barely handle them. He must first and foremost know if he can afford the credit 91000 USD.

So a budget should be set up first.

Financing with low interest rates – providing an overview

  • 91000 USD freely available credit offer banks selectively
  • Save – despite fewer offers – by the credit comparison
  • Use the loan calculator to get a personal quote offer
  • For this you apply – best today – 91000 $ without obligation on the comparison

Finance at a glance – Budget

Finance at a glance - Budget

With a credit 91000 USD much can be done. A renovation at the house, bills or a long holiday should be paid with a 91000 USD loan.

Whether this is also affordable, can be found out by a budget. The bank will make a statement as well.

Only the customer can know before the application, whether his equity will be sufficient or needs help. First, all revenue is written down.

These are not the jobs, but also possible rental income. Then all issues are listed on the other side.

Do not forget to pay bills that come only once a year, such as the car insurance. These are all calculated together and offset against the income.

In order to be able to repay the 91000 USD credit, now must on the list a plus stand. If there is a minus there, it will be hard to get the credit 91000 USD.

91000 USD credit – helpful tips

91000 USD credit - helpful tips

Anyone who realizes that his own creditworthiness is not enough, can nevertheless take out a loan 91,000 USDs. First, he should see if perhaps the fixed costs can be lowered.

In addition, the Credit bureau should be considered. If there are still entries that are outdated, they can be deleted.

This improves the credit rating automatically. If that does not help, the customer should check to see if he has life insurance with a high repurchase value.

This could be used as collateral. If this is not available, a provider should be found, which also offers a residual debt insurance.

Although this is expensive, but can help the loan 91000 USD. In addition, money can be saved through a loan comparison.

It’s that easy – credit comparison


The credit comparison is easy to perform. At Centiloan there are offers for a 91000 USD loan.

For example, the customer sees an offer from Credit Bankive with an interest rate of 3.99 percent. The term is 120 months, equivalent to ten years.

The credit rate is 917.82 USD. Special repayments are possible at any time.

For officials there is the 91000 USD loan with a fixed rate of 5.95 percent. Here, the customer has to pay 1000.88 USD a month, if he chooses a term of 120 months.

The credit 91000 USD is also offered by the extra-credit, with an interest starting from 9.95 per cent. Again, the term is given with 120 months and there is an amount of 1178.67 USD.

Conditions of the banks

Conditions of the banks

Often, special repayments are possible, which are free. Rate breaks often have to be agreed first. The 91000 USD loan can also be taken up by several borrowers.

A purpose is not always necessary, but the interest is always dependent on credit. Thus, the specified interest from the comparison can still change.

The customer must be employed in the same company for three to six months. The last pay slips, the account statements and also the legitimation by postident procedure are expected.

The 91000 USD loan can often be taken up for a rescheduling and loan collateral can be taken up.

Comparison of fees when investing /comparison-of-fees-when-investing/ Tue, 18 Jun 2019 16:43:54 +0000 Life insurance is expensive and non-transparent. Still, I use it to save a lot of people. Why? Perhaps they do not know what fees to apply in the IE. How are you doing? See what fees you will find in one of the common IEs and how much they are higher than investing directly in funds.

I will not unnecessarily describe all the possible charges that are in life insurance. Most of the funds are absent from regular fund-investing programs, so you can earn more money.

I prefer to show a brief comparison of fees, revenues and the overall result when investing through IE and investing directly in mutual funds.

Investing through IEP vs. mutual funds

Investing through IEP vs. mutual funds

I compared the investment of € 100 a month for 20 years through insurance and directly through mutual funds. For insurance, I only counted on investing without an insurance component.

I will start with a graphical result. Blue is a deposit, red is the investment life insurance course and green is a regular investment into mutual funds.

Fees in investment life insurance are unnecessarily high

Fees in investment life insurance are unnecessarily high

I’ll continue to see what’s behind it. The figure below shows the IE charges and the 20-year result. It is the real product of one of the largest insurance companies on the market. He is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. But even the cheapest IE is more expensive than the most expensive investment programs.

These charges are tremendously high and are totally useless. Note the inconspicuous fund management fee, which is inconspicuous in the fee schedule. On the contrary, it shines as a moon in the clear sky. And the paradox is that the insurance company does not manage funds at all. It’s a charge for nothing.

Fund investment fees are incomparably lower

Fund investment fees are incomparably lower

In this way, the fees and the result of regular investment in mutual funds without an insurance company appear. I count with an entry fee for funds of 3.6%. The total yield is 5% pa in both cases

The profit shown in this figure means the difference between investing through an investment life insurance of an unnamed insurance company and investing directly in mutual funds. Of course, to invest without an insurance company.

It really does not matter how you invest your money. If possible, be sure to avoid the “savings” life insurance policy and invest directly in mutual funds.


Commercial real estate loans- Business loan /commercial-real-estate-loans-business-loan/ Tue, 21 May 2019 13:39:13 +0000


Business real estate loan (CRE) is a real estate that generates income and is used exclusively for business loan purposes such as shopping centers, office complexes, hotels and apartments. Financing – including the acquisition, development and construction of these properties – is usually achieved through commercial property loans: mortgage loans secured by liens on commercial, rather than residential, property.

Just as with home loans, banks and independent lenders are actively involved in providing loans to commercial real estate. Insurance companies, pension funds, private investors and other sources of capital, including the US Small Business Administration’s 504 loan program, also provide loans for commercial real estate.

Here we look at commercial real estate loans: how they differ from home loans, their characteristics and what lenders are looking for.

Individuals versus entities

Although home mortgages are usually made for individual borrowers, commercial property loans are often provided to business entities (eg, companies, developers, partnerships, funds, and trusts). These entities are often formed for the specific purpose of owning commercial real estate.

An entity may not have a financial record or credit history, in which case the lender may ask the principals or owners of the entity to guarantee the loan. This provides the lender with an individual person (or group of individuals) with a credit history and / or financial record – and from whom they can recover in the event of a loan default. If this type of guarantee is not required by the lender and ownership is the only means of restoring in the event of default, the loan is referred to as a non-recourse loan, meaning that the lender cannot take redress against anyone or anything other than ownership.

Loan repayment schedules

Loan repayment schedules

A home mortgage is a type of written off loan where the debt is repaid in regular installments over a certain period. The most popular residential mortgage product is the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.

Home buyers also have other options, including 25-year and 15-year mortgages. Longer depreciation periods generally relate to smaller monthly payments and higher total interest costs during the term of the loan, while shorter depreciation periods generally entail larger monthly payments and lower total interest costs. Residential loans are amortized over the term of the loan, so that the loan is fully repaid at the end of the term of the loan. For example, a 200-year borrower with a 30-year interest rate at 5% would make 360 ​​monthly payments of $ 1,073,664, after which the loan would be fully repaid.

Unlike with home loans, the conditions for business loans generally vary from five years (or shorter) to twenty years and the repayment period is often longer than the term of the loan. For example, a lender can take out a commercial loan for a term of seven years with a repayment period of 30 years. In this situation, the investor would make payments for seven years based on the fact that the loan will be repaid in 30 years, followed by a final “balloon” payment of the remaining balance of the loan. For example, an investor with a commercial loan of $ 1 million at 7% would pay $ 6, 653.02 for seven years, followed by a final payout of $ 918, 127.64 that would pay off the loan in full.

The duration of the loan period and the depreciation period affect the rate that the lender charges. Depending on the creditworthiness of the investor, these terms and conditions may be negotiable. In general: the longer the loan repayment schedule, the higher the interest.

Loan-to-value ratio

Loan-to-value ratio

Another way in which commercial and home loans differ is the loan-to-value ratio (LTV): a figure that measures the value of a loan with the value of the property. A lender calculates LTV by dividing the loan amount by the lowest of the appraised value or purchase price of the home. For example, the LTV for a $ 90,000 loan on a property of $ 100,000 is 90% ($ 90,000 ÷ $ 100,000 = 0. 9, or 90%).

For both business loan and residential mortgages, borrowers with lower LTVs are eligible for more favorable financing rates than those with higher LTVs. The reason: they have more equity (or interest) in the building, which in the eyes of the lender equals less risk.

High LTVs are permitted for certain home mortgages: up to 100% LTV is permitted for VA and USDA loans; up to 96.5% for FHA loans (loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration); and up to 95% for conventional loans (those guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac).

LTVs for commercial loans, on the other hand, are generally in the range of 65% to 80%. Although some loans can be provided with higher LTVs, they are less common. The specific LTV often depends on the loan category. For example, a maximum LTV of 65% may be allowed for unprocessed land, while an LTV of up to 80% may be acceptable for a multi-family construction. There are no VA or FHA programs for commercial loans and no private mortgage insurance. Therefore, lenders do not have insurance to hold the borrower in default and they must rely on the property pledged as collateral.

Note: Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is a type of insurance policy that protects lenders against the risk of default and foreclosure, allowing buyers who cannot make a significant down payment (or choose not to) make mortgage financing at affordable prices. If a borrower buys a property and earns less than 20% less, the lender minimizes his risk by requiring the borrower to purchase insurance from a PMI company. See How to get rid of private mortgage insurance .

Debt service coverage ratio

Debt service coverage ratio

Commercial lenders also look at the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), which compares the annual net operating result (NOI) of a home with its annual mortgage debt (including principal and interest), to measure the property’s ability to pay its debts. It is calculated by dividing the NOI by the annual debt service. For example, a home with $ 140,000 in NOI and $ 100,000 in annual mortgage debt service would have a DSCR of 1.40 ($ 140,000 ÷ $ 100,000 = 1.4). The ratio helps lenders determine the maximum loan based on the cash flow generated by the home.

A DSCR of less than 1 indicates a negative cash flow. For example a DSCR of. 92 means that there is only enough NOI to cover 92% of the annual debt service. In general, commercial lenders are looking for DSCRs of at least 1.25 to guarantee an adequate cash flow. A lower DSCR may be acceptable for loans with shorter depreciation periods and / or buildings with stable cash flows. Higher ratios may be required for properties with volatile cash flows, for example hotels, that lack the long-term (and therefore more predictable) leases of other types of commercial property.

Interest rates and fees

Interest rates and fees

The interest rates on business loans are generally higher than on home loans. Commercial real estate loans are also usually accompanied by fees that contribute to the total costs of the loan, including appraisal, legal loan, loan application, loan build-up and / or assessment costs. Some costs must be paid in advance before the loan is approved (or rejected), while others are applied annually. For example, a loan can have a one-off loan premium of 1%, payable at the time of taking out, and an annual fee of a quarter of a percent (0.25%) until the loan is fully paid. A $ 1 million loan, for example, may require a 1% loan, equivalent to $ 10,000, to be paid in advance, with a fee of $ 25,000, $ 25 paid annually (in addition to interest).



A commercial real estate loan can have prepayment restrictions designed to preserve the expected proceeds from a loan by the lender. If investors settle a debt before the maturity date of the loan, they will probably have to pay Sam Spadeijk early repayment penalties. There are four primary types of “exit” fines for early repayment of a loan:

  • Prepayment penalty . This is the most basic prepayment penalty, calculated by multiplying the current outstanding balance by a specific prepayment penalty.

  • Interest guarantee . The lender is entitled to a certain amount of interest, even if the loan is paid off early. For example, a loan can have a guaranteed interest rate of 10% for 60 months, followed by an exit fee of 5%.

  • Lockout . The borrower cannot pay off the loan before a certain period, such as a lock-out of 5 years.

  • split off . A substitute for collateral. Instead of paying cash to the lender, the borrower exchanges new collateral (usually treasury paper) for the original collateral of the loan. High fines can be linked to this method of paying off a loan.

Advance payment conditions are identified in the loan documents and can be negotiated together with other loan conditions in commercial real estate loans. Options must be understood in advance and assessed before a loan is paid off early.

The bottom line

With commercial real estate, it is usually an investor (often a business entity) who buys the property, rents space and rents rent from the companies that are active in the property: the investment is intended to be a revenue-producing property.

When evaluating commercial real estate loans, lenders consider the collateral of the loan; the creditworthiness of the entity (or clients / owners), including three to five years of financial statements and income tax returns; and financial ratios, such as the loan-to-value ratio and the debt-service coverage ratio. For more information, read 7 steps to a hot commercial real estate listing and search for a fortune with commercial real estate .

Non – bank loan up to 500000 /non-bank-loan-up-to-500000/ Tue, 26 Mar 2019 11:12:15 +0000

A loan for any purpose up to 100,000

A loan for any purpose up to 100,000

Possible goals and objectives

Taking a non-bank loan up to 500,000 is a watershed for most Israeli citizens. Most people have never seen such an amount together and do not really know what they will do if and when they have such a sum. Since this is a very large sum, taking a loan in the amount of 500,000 should necessarily be part of a predetermined goal. What are the possible goals that trigger the need for such a loan? What are the implications of taking a loan for a high amount on the day-to-day basis? Where can I get non-bank loans in amounts of up to 500,000?

Non-bank loan up to 500,000 – to whom they are required and why

One of the more familiar goals of taking a non-bank loan up to 500,000 is the purchase of real estate, according to the procedures set by the Bank , a person can take a loan for the purchase of an apartment that does not exceed 75 percent of the price. To obtain large amounts of money out of thin air, which may seem to interfere with the purchase of the new home.

Other possible objectives for such a loan are opening a business that requires investment, renovations in a house that raise its value, or a financial bailout from a problematic situation or execution proceedings. In any case, a loan of this magnitude does not take just for waste

The consequences of large loans on the family budget

The clear and immediate effect of taking a non-bank loan up to 500,000 on the monthly budget is a significant increase in the monthly expenditure. This is because it will include, until the end of the loan payments, the monthly repayments for it. If the loan is a mortgage taken at low interest rates and for a period of twenty-five years, the monthly repayment may amount to two thousand shekels or more. If it is a non-mortgage loan for a maximum term of ten years, the repayment may be double or even higher.

If you have an interest in taking a non-bank loan up to $ 50000, this is the right place for you. You should contact us right now and our financial advisors will get back to you soon, they will help you choose the best loan tracks and get appropriate repayment terms to suit you.

Loans with home delivery /loans-with-home-delivery/ Tue, 19 Mar 2019 05:59:55 +0000

Pożyczki z dostawą do domu


A loan that we can get without leaving home? Usually, we immediately associate popular internet loans. However, this is not the only option, because we can also use the loans with delivery, or with the service at home. What are these types of loans?

Not every one of us likes to settle financial matters online. We also do not always have the option of going personally to a loan company facility to arrange formalities there. In such cases, home loans are an interesting proposal, which are now offered by both nationwide companies, for example the popular Provident, as well as those operating locally.

Loans with home delivery are very convenient. Then the employee of the loan company comes directly to us and presents us with an offer. We can also sign a contract at home and receive cash immediately. Therefore, it is a great proposition for people who need money immediately and would prefer to receive cash, not a transfer to the account.

How much can we borrow and under what conditions?

In companies offering loans with home delivery, we do not usually borrow very large sums. Most often, the range is from PLN 200 to 10,000, however, in some loan companies the limit is smaller and amounts to, for example, PLN 2,000 or 5,000. The repayment period is usually from one week to several years – usually the repayment period is determined individually on the basis of the creditworthiness of the client specified by the employee of the company.

Usually, this type of non-bank loans are associated with the minimum requirements. Indeed, many loan companies require only an ID card from their clients and we do not have to provide any other certification. We will also find loans without BIK, i.e. available even if we have negative entries in the Credit Information Bureau database.

How do I pay back my loan at home?

Noteworthy here is the way of giving a loan with delivery to your home. In most cases, an employee of a loan company arrives for the money, who collects it on pre-arranged dates.

It is worth pointing out that loans of this kind are often offered with installments not monthly but weekly. In this way installments are low and simpler to pay for customers. Some loan companies also provide payment via an account transfer.

How much will we pay for a home delivery loan ?

This is one of the main drawbacks of loans of this kind – costs. We will usually pay much more for home delivery loans than for loans taken at the outlet and online. This is mainly due to the very nature of this type of loans – we pay not only interest, commission, preparation fees, but also pay for home service costs alone.

So when you want a quick and convenient loan, which at the same time will be cheap, in this case it is best to take it on-line . Loans with home support, although very comfortable, we have to pay for them no more.

Home renovation for a loan /home-renovation-for-a-loan/ Mon, 25 Feb 2019 06:55:14 +0000 Performing home renovation very often involves significant expenses. This applies especially to general renovations, which require renovation work in the whole house or apartment. At the same time, the performance of a general overhaul allows often to reduce the costs of renovation work in relation to the renovation of individual rooms separately.

Large financial resources are needed to carry out a large renovation, which often requires obtaining additional funds in the form of even a loan.

Many large sums of money are often needed to renovate the whole house or apartment. The renovation of a large house or flat may require even several hundred thousand. Then obtaining a loan may be the only way to complete a major renovation.

You can choose different financial products depending on your financial needs. On the one hand, you can opt for long-term, but allowing you to obtain much larger sums of money mortgage loans. On the other hand, you can decide to obtain smaller amounts of money, but much easier to obtain cash loans.

When does the mortgage loan pay off?

When does the <a href=mortgage loan pay off?” />

A mortgage loan is the best solution in terms of borrowing costs. However, the loan must be secured on the mortgage real estate. If you already have a mortgage for a house or flat, you will not be able to obtain a mortgage loan. When you can get a mortgage you can count on, among other things, a low interest rate on the loan in relation to other types of loans.

The interest rate on mortgage loans practically does not differ from the mortgage rates. At the same time, obtaining a mortgage loan is a much simpler procedure in terms of, among other things, the formalities that must be met in order to obtain a loan. However, the mortgage loan is much more difficult to obtain in relation to cash loans. The benefits that a long-term mortgage loan brings, ie taken for several years, include low monthly installments.

Cash loans

Cash loans

If you want to raise less funds to carry out the renovation, the best solution will be to put on cash loans. The advantage of such loans is primarily the time when you can count on getting access to borrowed funds. Cash loans can be obtained in a maximum of a few days.

Most often, such loans do not require the presentation of many documents. Many loan companies are able to provide cash loans only on the basis of the income information provided. With low amounts of money borrowed, i.e. those not exceeding a few thousand zlotys, you can also count on getting money even without having to submit additional documents.

If a larger amount of money is planned to be obtained as part of a cash loan then it may be necessary to have security or a prisoner.

Loan for a flat – who can get it? /loan-for-a-flat-who-can-get-it/ Fri, 08 Feb 2019 06:52:43 +0000


Not everyone has the right savings to buy their own apartment. Here, however, banks come to help. Not everyone, however, will get a loan for an apartment. What conditions must be met then?


Many Poles dream about their own apartment. Often, only a small studio is enough to feel at home. However, if we do not have the appropriate amount on your account, ie several hundred thousand zlotys, we can think about a loan. Of course, not everyone can count on the help of the bank. To receive a housing loan , you have to meet a number of different conditions – below we present the most important of them.


  1. Creditworthiness

This is the most important factor when applying for a loan for an apartment. Proper creditworthiness is an adequate income that allows you to cover the cost of loan installments, as well as the lack of high burdens, for example due to other loans, loans, and maintenance.


Creditworthiness is calculated on the basis of current income, but it is necessary to have them at the appropriate level for a long time – usually half a year. Therefore, before deciding on the application, it is worth preparing for it, for example, earlier pay off minor loans , cancel your credit card, debit on your account.


  1. Credit credibility

Another issue is proper creditworthiness, which depends on current loans and credits. It is recorded mainly , ie at the Credit Information Bureau, but also banks check information at the Economic Information Bureaus.


If we have some debts or we had them in the past, then we can meet with refusal to grant a housing loan.


  1. Own contribution

A personal contribution is also required to take out a home loan. Its amount is currently 20% of the loan amount, but the limit may be reduced, for example by purchasing special insurance.


It is worth to start saving for your own contribution earlier – at the current price of apartments it is tens of thousands PLN.


  1. Permanent employment – preferably on a contract of employment

Banks prefer clients with stable income, mainly due to an employment contract for an indefinite period.


Of course, you can also get a loan when working on a contract for a work or order or when you have a company, but not always calculating your creditworthiness will be as beneficial as in the case of a contract of employment. For civil law contracts, it is required to have a signed contract for a longer period, for example a minimum of 12 months. In the case of their own activity, banks often require that it be run for at least 12-24 months.


To find the best housing loan, you should go to a good credit advisor who will be able to help you find it. On the basis of all offers of banks, he will be able to advise the best loan on favorable terms and with a low installment. Formalities related to obtaining a mortgage can also be arranged with a counselor – without the need to go to a bank.