Loans with home delivery

Pożyczki z dostawą do domu


A loan that we can get without leaving home? Usually, we immediately associate popular internet loans. However, this is not the only option, because we can also use the loans with delivery, or with the service at home. What are these types of loans?

Not every one of us likes to settle financial matters online. We also do not always have the option of going personally to a loan company facility to arrange formalities there. In such cases, home loans are an interesting proposal, which are now offered by both nationwide companies, for example the popular Provident, as well as those operating locally.

Loans with home delivery are very convenient. Then the employee of the loan company comes directly to us and presents us with an offer. We can also sign a contract at home and receive cash immediately. Therefore, it is a great proposition for people who need money immediately and would prefer to receive cash, not a transfer to the account.

How much can we borrow and under what conditions?

In companies offering loans with home delivery, we do not usually borrow very large sums. Most often, the range is from PLN 200 to 10,000, however, in some loan companies the limit is smaller and amounts to, for example, PLN 2,000 or 5,000. The repayment period is usually from one week to several years – usually the repayment period is determined individually on the basis of the creditworthiness of the client specified by the employee of the company.

Usually, this type of non-bank loans are associated with the minimum requirements. Indeed, many loan companies require only an ID card from their clients and we do not have to provide any other certification. We will also find loans without BIK, i.e. available even if we have negative entries in the Credit Information Bureau database.

How do I pay back my loan at home?

Noteworthy here is the way of giving a loan with delivery to your home. In most cases, an employee of a loan company arrives for the money, who collects it on pre-arranged dates.

It is worth pointing out that loans of this kind are often offered with installments not monthly but weekly. In this way installments are low and simpler to pay for customers. Some loan companies also provide payment via an account transfer.

How much will we pay for a home delivery loan ?

This is one of the main drawbacks of loans of this kind – costs. We will usually pay much more for home delivery loans than for loans taken at the outlet and online. This is mainly due to the very nature of this type of loans – we pay not only interest, commission, preparation fees, but also pay for home service costs alone.

So when you want a quick and convenient loan, which at the same time will be cheap, in this case it is best to take it on-line . Loans with home support, although very comfortable, we have to pay for them no more.